Aroma Wrap

Aroma Wrap

Aroma Solutions LLC is a company based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Their product is a heated neck wrap that combines the comfort of moist heat therapy with the added benefit of personalized aromatherapy. They approached Luko Designs to create their branding and packaging with a 6 month goal to sell their products in spas, hotels, airlines and Whole Foods markets as well as online.




After receiving the product and testing it ourselves, we knew the Aroma Wrap branding must have a zen style and quality.  The packaging needed to be elegant yet evoke a sense of well being without being boring.  We had to keep in mind that the product comes in different colors and styles geared towards the male and female users which introduced pastels as well as very masculine color tones, so we needed to have the packaging accommodate this by keeping the colors “black & white” and monotone, yet fresh and clean with a permanent “white” background color to evoke a pure, fresh and zen-like feeling.  We used a soft touch cover stock material for their packaging to add to the experience.  We also had to make sure that the packaging not only looked great but it was easy to fold for shipping and to assemble easily by just popping the boxes open.


The Logo was created with the iconic “leaf” with the “wrap-style” band around it.  The words “aroma wrap” are bold yet compliment the leaf icon so that both stand out without taking away from one another.


The labeling for all the Oil Bottles was an extension of their packaging with a very clean & crisp aesthetic.


The dielines for the primary and secondary packaging (boxes) are customized hexagon and triangular shapes which will be unique to the Aroma Wrap branding.


Client Review:


Luko Designs has been absolutely a joy to work with as they helped bring the dream
of Aroma Wrap to a reality.


The Luko team was very professional, personable and most importantly, very detailed
on keeping our project on track so that it was finished right on schedule.
When you are picking a company to help you in one of the most important phases of seeing your dream realized, look no further than Luko Designs for peace of mind and a design you will be proud of for years to come!


Roger J. Kealey
Aroma Solutions LLC