Bunchees (Ritzy Bitzy Designs) is a company based in San Antonio, Texas, currently selling their product on The client approached Luko Designs to help make its product much more retail-ready and to be able to sell its Baby Bottle Bibs at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart and Target.



After a visual audit of the shelves at Walmart & Target, we knew the Bunchees packaging needed to have a colorful punch to stand out amongst the rest of the packaging on display. We had to keep in mind that the client is going to revamp the Bunchees product with brighter color pairings instead of white/pastels in the next 6 months, so we needed to have the packaging accomodate their new product designs. Their need to have a packaging which allowed the consumer to see the actual product’s functionality & physical look was also very important. The Logo was not necessary to redesign but we gave it bright colors to make a better statement. The dieline is a unique shape which compliments the shape of the product without being too complicated. The “lime green” backing supports all of the above objectives and the blister allows the consumer to see what they are buying without being able to touch the actual product. We custom designed the bugs for the front of the packaging for the major points that needed to be expressed. We also re-designed the back with a more colorful, cleaner and easy-to-read design layout.



I reached out to Luko Designs when it came time to redesign my packaging.  They took their time asking me all the right questions which led them to find out more about my company, what I liked, and what I was really looking for.  Lucy and her assistant Denny have been amazing to work with, both are very professional and extremely thoughtful and caring about my questions, comments and concerns.  I especially loved how they went above and beyond with my tight deadlines and time crunches.  I recommend them 110% to anyone who is looking to get packaging design, re-branding, marketing materials or just about anything else design-related.  If you’re looking for a design firm that will help get your business to the next level, look no further than Luko Designs!