CHOICE is a craft cannabis brand curating the highest quality flower grown in ideal conditions to create an experience second to none.


Their vision is simple. What’s inside matters.


Unrivaled levels of THC content, the rarest of genetics, and the best terpene profiles in the world are just a few things that make CHOICE products a cut above the competition.


CHOICE approached Luko Designs to create a unique branding & packaging for their cannabis products which extended to their Super Premium (Artist Special) Flower, Cartridge, and Pre-rolled cannabis line. Each flavor would rotate quarterly to feature a unique artist’s graffiti and illustration, making it a unique and unforgettable experience for each end user. Additionally we used Fluorescent PMS colors to add a touch of pop which are used to identify each Flavor and Strain as sticker labels for the outer packaging as well as the containers that store the flowers and pre-rolls to ensure non-tampering and freshness. Their products are targeted to be sold at high-end cannabis dispensaries as well as their online store. The packaging construction is of the highest quality rigid boxes and quality printing.


We had so much fun with the packaging and the creative process that we decided to extend the brand direction into ad posters for CHOICE.