Hekiat Wine

Hekiat Wine

Hekiat celebrates the fantastical and nostalgic. Hekiat means fairy tale in Armenian, this golden dessert wine is crafted from a late harvest field blend of white indigenous grapes in Hayots Dzor, Armenia.  This wine introduces notes of honeysuckle and apricot which show brilliantly on the palate.


Wineworks reached out to us to design the logo and packaging for their 2019 dessert wine “Hekiat” and after some deep consulting with their team our approach became clear: we followed the name Hekiat’s meaning and introduced a black and white illustration of a field one might see in fairy tales since we didn’t want to present a specific Armenian fairy tale that may not hit the chord with the rest of the world. ┬áSince this wine has notes of apricot we wanted it to be a prominent part of the labeling and a gold leaf added that touch of richness mixed with nature to complete the look of their branding. The label has three distinct languages; Armenian and English.


As the Armenians say when they raise their glass to toast … kenatz!