Live Pure

Live Pure

Live Pure is a direct to consumer superfood smoothie and smoothie bowl company. They offer 6 superfood flavors and are 100% USDA Organic Certified. They ship nationwide direct to your doorstep. Their smoothies are pre-blended into perfect little one inch frozen cubes and offer the ultimate convenience while retaining all the nutrition of a freshly made smoothie.


They came to Luko Designs to receive a fresh Branding and Packaging system.  They were pretty set on the following brand colors: Gold, Tiffany Blue, and White.


The logo mark combines the heart shape with the cube (smoothie cubes) and incorporates the 2 brand colors: Blue + Gold.


The packaging designs are simple chevron patterns but combined with Gold set a very iconic and bold statement which is high-end and the pouch bags are lined with heat and moisture resistant lining since they must be transported and also stored in the freezer.  We gave them customized fresh icons for their main messaging: superfood, gluten-free, vegan, raw, dairy-free and no sugar added.  We designed 6 smoothie/smoothie bowl flavors in 2 sizes and 2 granola flavors for a total of 14 SKUs for them.