Puriface Skin Care

Puriface Skin Care

Puriface is a California brand of skin care produce that are formulated without parabens, preservatives, and harsh synthetic fragrances. Puriface’s vision for 2018 and onward is about developing clean and safe products for their consumers which are of natural or
organic origin and totally free of toxins. Focusing on delivering top tier skin care products for their skin care enthusiasts is how they want to separate themselves from their competitors.

We were asked to create their brand icon as well as design packaging for their initial product: Hydrogel Cleansing Foam. Following their products’ vision PURE, ORGANIC, and NATURAL, we wanted to design something very clean incorporating their brand colors: White & Turquoise Blue.


Client Reaction:
The designs look fantastic, exactly what we wanted, we are very impressed!

Dae Ahn (CEO)

iMODE Korea, Inc.