The Car Seat Key

The Car Seat Key

NAMRA is a company built by brother and sister Mauro and Kristin Riley.  They created “The Car Seat Key” which allows you to press in that dreaded red car seat button with ease and release your child from their car seat without suffering from aching hands or broken nails.


They approached Luko Designs to recreate their Branding (Logo design to be used on their packaging, website, social, and various collateral pieces) as well as design a packaging system for 5 product colors.


Their goal was to be able to place themselves in Target, Wallmart, as well as well known Baby Stores such as Babies”R”Us and Amazon.


We knew that we needed to create a packaging that explained the function of the Car Seat Key at first glance without being too crowded with step-by-step visuals.  Our creative minds went on overdrive and we thought “why not do an instructional video and then put it right on the front of the packaging?” … so we decided to use a Lenticular Print Sticker which when flipped (by rotating the box back and forth) it would show the function of the product in 3 steps.  Well needless to say once we put the sticker together with the graphics of the packaging the client was sold on our idea and was ecstatic on the innovative design of their packaging.


The packaging we created had 2 components: The Outer Box which has a window on the back to show the product as well as an Interior Clear Plastic Structure to house the Car Seat Key so that it would sit tightly inside the box.