Yassaman Fine Persian Teas are uniquely blended with traditional Persian flavors containing fruit and spice blends. They wanted to target American consumers as well as Canada, Japan and Europe. They also wanted to take on a more modern approach to the traditional Persian theme so that they could position their market in the “fine tea” category as well.


We went to town by taking a unique and contemporary approach with rich, Persian jewel-tones that express the product’s rich heritage and unique flavor blends.  For the Packaging, we used “recyclable” air-tight Kraft Paper tin cans, made out of natural Kraft paper with a foil lining to ensure freshness.  These containers are meant to be reused and when you’re done, you can certainly recycle them and be a hero!


Please look for this project as it will be appearing in a Publication Late 2018, the book is called: Corrugated Packaging Design.