Sparko Sweets

Sparko Sweets is a handcrafted lollipop company based in Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in creating Customized Lollipops and the creators of the famous and Original Galaxy Lollipops Planet Designs and the Galaxy Lollipops Series.


They came to Luko Designs with the following objective: make our lollipops shine!


And that’s when we decided to go “retro”. For the Galaxy Series we created a fun illustration which incorporated space ships, aliens, outer space, and lots of stars and galaxies and we printed them as a 1-color silver front and back to make it festive enough for their Christmas time orders. All the lollipops are housed in a custom made clear plastic tray with a lid and the outer sleeves complete the look.


For the 3-D Lollipops we designed a whimsical 3-D textured sleeve and printed the front and back with a “neon orange” to further our initial desire for a “retro” vibe and to complement the pops in every color and design.


The client LOVED the final pieces we created and so did their customers!