Naked Coconuts

Naked Coconuts

Naked Coconuts is a brand of raw, organic, non-gmo, gluten-free coconut oils and sauces that helps people create a lifestyle of health, self-improvement, and growth as well as help each consumer reap the benefits of a tasty, healthy and honest-to-goodness line of products.


Our approach for re-branding was simple: create a branding and packaging that translates the following words into a visually stunning and unique packaging:


HONESTY:  Our goal was to put forth a branding that came across graphically straight forward which conveyed the honesty contained in the product it carries.


PURITY: The clear label is to highlight and accentuate the idea of seeing the purity of the product from underneath.  There are no solid labels to hide the product and obscure its goodness.


RUSTIC: All blocky/funky lettering for content references the “butcher’s block” where most coconuts are broken open!


GOLD FOR BRANDING COLOR: Gold is strongly associated with good health, power, riches, friendship, and optimism.  Golden colors define value, prosperity and it brightens everything around it, adding warmth and richness to your branding.  Also its a nod to “Ahhh, take a whiff. Does the aroma of coconut remind you of summer indulgences and sunshine?”.


SOPHISTICATION: We wanted to convey a European sophistication with our design yet still keep the humor & fun aspect in tact.


SIMPLICITY: Simplicity is the best way to showcase the Naked Coconuts products.  All graphical elements used in the overall design capture a simple yet iconic approach.