O’o Hawaii Skincare

O’o Hawaii Skincare

O’o Hawaii is a premium skincare brand which provides upscale consumers with a luxury, organic, and therapeutic integrative beauty and supplement line made from Hawaiian superfoods that leverage the brand of Hawaii and focus on beauty from the inside out. The bird-related product names stem from the brand’s reference to ōʻō, an extinct bird that once populated Hawaii. Since Elements of Chinese and holistic medicine as well as Ayurveda were to be leveraged throughout the concept and brand, Luko Designs created an unusual, fasceted and colorful packaging inspired by Japanese origami (helping O’o Hawaii appeal to the Japanese market as well as US). The O’o Hawaii Brand itself is modern and simplistic in its essence, allowing it to stand out against the intricate and information-heavy packaging.


Client Review:

Aloha, my name is Ashley Harding and I own and operate Hawaii Integrative Beauty. We are a skincare and cosmetics manufacturer located in Honolulu, Hawaii. I absolutely highly recommend anyone looking to retain Luko Designs for anyone looking to retain their services. Our company was looking for a new design team for a new fresh approach for a new skincare line and on a business trip to Los Angeles we interviewed several design firms and Luko Designs stood out with us. They had a very impressive portfolio and what seemed to be a really creative yet systematic approach.


Luko’s process on developing our brand and our line was extremely strategic where they offered several options yet at the same time offered an encouraged focus to help push the project along and help guide our creative way. It became clear that we made the correct decision with Luko Designs as this particular project was rather complicated having to serve multiple international markets and some extreme packaging requirements they were able to serve and thusly meet the challenge.


The design team at Luko was also very hands on and had attention to detail once the process got further along and we were looking at UPC’s and FDA regulations, and the entire review process and setting up printing vendors and viewing printing specs, and although that’s always a collaborative effort, they were very very helpful in guiding us along.


Again, for anyone looking to retain the services of Luko Designs especially in the skincare and cosmetics category I give them my highest recommendation.