Royal Snacks

Royal Snacks

Royal Snacks is a Snack Food Company based in Valencia, California which provides quality and nutritious snacks. They had their regular line of snacks in different supermarkets, 7-11’s and other convenience stores nationwide but they wanted to develop and sell a line of more “natural” snacks which appealed to a higher quality market profile. Their “natural” line of snacks would have no artificial colors or Sulfites and they would be NON-GMO. The assortment is made up of freshly roasted and raw nuts and unique trail mixes which are truly healthy, nutritious and wholesome packed in conveniently re-sealable bags.


Luko Designs was asked to create the Logo/Branding as well as Packaging design for 14 different varietals. Their goal was to be placed in stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and natural food stores across the nation and Canada.


After designing their brand logo mark we decided to use the entire brand to create a window effect for the products to show through and we introduced fun colors and design elements to make their “natural line” a hit on the shelves.


Client Review:
We are very happy with our new branding and packaging design that Luko Designs created for us. After attending one of the largest Snack Food Shows in New York this year (2018) we were approached by Home Goods as well as TJ Maxx Canada to sell our products at their stores and we are excited about more future possibilities with our brand, all thanks to Luko Designs!